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Minako Ishihara

Born in Hiroshima in 1975, this rural girl was nurtured mainly by exotic fairy tales, and fostered adoration for foreign cultures. This adoration steadily grew, and by the age of ten, I became to love overseas writers, movies, TV dramas, and music.

In adolescence, this love brought me to join a translation club, where I could meet interesting friends who shared my passion, and encounter various excellent books or films or rock bands. All these years, I devoured what I could get, and cherished them.

In retrospect, what roused me then was, in short, curiosity, and what moves me now hasn't changed. Perhaps translation for me is a comfortable place where I've reached by the lead of curiosity, and a shrewd device to ingest daily what curiosity brings. Above all, it's a means to connect myself with the world and the people who live there.

I hope to meet various writers and their works and introduce them to Japanese booklovers through this website. And, as our leader Mr. Ogawa refers to us as "a band" in his self-introduction, I also hope that we can perform organically and make good music. Thank you.

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